Demon Knights is a new dark action‐role playing game where master a knight or demon
as you explore and battle the cursed world of ancient Ankhoron.

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Complex combinations of heroes, weapons, armor, and magic with over 100+ combinations.

  • All characters will have close up melee skills, ranged magics, block-breaking combos, and many destructive options
  • Battle skilled champions and bosses with access to the same skills you have
  • Heal with your Flask or spells in the field or return to town to rest


Exciting fighting game mechanics

  • Master 3+ weapons to defeat your foes (Longsword, Poleaxe, Katana)
  • Infuse magic into your skills to quickly dispatch enemies
  • Cast ancient magic fireballs to rain destruction from afar
  • Combine all your skills to defeat your opponents with a dizzying array of combos and mixups


Deep skill trees for Weapon and Magic skills

  • Invest into your favorite weapons to gain new abilities and improve their capabilities
  • Balance your melee skills with ranged magic skills as your discover new powers and new spells of destruction

Story and Lore

Ankhoron – The world of Ankhoron is the cradle of humanity. It is home to the cities of the Seven Empires that were formed around the sacred magics of the dragons who once ruled the world. The texture of Ankhoron’s great continents is as varied as the people who live upon its land, from its towering mountain ranges to its vast and violent seas.

Ashridge – Our story is set in the northern city of Ashridge was once prosperous because of its vibrant farming and mining industries. But as it happens with all things golden, Ashbridge could not stay. When rogue mages discovered a buried trove of ancient necromantic spells, they unleashed a dark magic that poisoned the land. Great buildings were abandoned and crumbled to dust. Peaceful creatures mutated into grotesque monsters. The dead rose from their graves to seek vengeance on the living. Now the city that represented a bright future stands as a bitter reminder of past glory.

We are almost ready to start our crowdfunding…

Funding of Demon Knights of Anchoron (DKA) will continue on our website,, once the Kickstarter campaign is over. You’ll be able to buy a pledge pack or upgrade to a higher one (if available) once Kickstarter pledges have been integrated with DKA accounts.
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About the Team

Archon Forge Games is an exciting, new studio committed to developing AAA‐quality video games for sophisticated gamers. Our team of experienced and talented developers spans seven countries and has successfully shipped dozens of games for award‐winning publishers like EA, Microsoft Studios, Namco Bandai, and Disney.


Kevin Chuang

15+ years in finance, project management, and team head. Successfully launched 2+ new businesses and specialized in technical systems development and setup of new teams. Coordinating teams and offices in Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Lead Character Art Director

Gus Chan

10+ years as Game Artist with >10 games launched. One of the original artist for Dark Souls and Demon Souls.

AAA 3D Art Team

Wayne Chu, Rakib, Niki

10+ years as Lead Character Artist with a team of AAA modelers and VFX artists who previously did outsourcing for AAA companies such as Capcom and Ashes of Creation.

Lead Environmental Artist

Smiljan Pecjak

Experienced AAA environmental artist with extensive experience in all aspects of world building and environment art.

Lead Programmer and Engineer

Laurie Cheers

15+ years as Lead Programmer and C++ Software Engineer. Experience with AAA developers such as Relic Entertainment and Rare Ltd.

Japan Director

Ken Komuro

10+ years as Japanese entrepreneur in technology businesses around Asia. Successfully launched 9 international businesses. Coordinating Japan office for translation and sales in Japan.

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Technical Animator

Low Latency Net-code Unreal Programmer

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